The Jetiquette Seat-back Briefing Card

Make the Skies More Civilized

Jetiquette with The Sky Steward

Have you ever wished that flight attendants would deliver a safety briefing that included information on proper airplane behavior? These days it seems more and more people are witnessing unacceptable behavior from a traveling public that has never even been exposed to travel in those “golden years” that many of us remember so well.

“Please direct your attention to The Sky Steward for some important information about manners on today’s flight”

Of course, travel may have been much more glamorous in the 1960′s and 70′s but we also did not have deregulation or the internet that have made flying so easily accessible. To deal with the realities of air-travel today, may we suggest you review the Jetiquette® Seat-back Briefing Card or pass it along to someone else who may truly require a bit of airborne etiquette enlightenment.

Print your own Jetiquette Briefing Card (download)






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