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Manners on a plane? Winter weather tests flier Jetiquette

Do travel disruptions cause incivility? The rush of winter travel can really work your nerves right? Delays, cancellations and all kinds of uncertainty has been known to cause even the most civilized travelers go completely “neanderthal”. We’ve all heard reports of crowds of passengers having to be controlled by police at airport gates as agents […]

Some Unbelievable Customer Complaints!

The Sky Steward found this hilarious post on Flyertalk.com, one of his favorite websites! The Sky Steward also makes a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ suggestion for responding to such ridiculousness: Dear Sirs, I was a passenger on your flight XXX from XXX to London last night. On arrival at the airport, I had expected to find your flight […]

Overhead Compartment Squatting

Dear Sky Steward: I recently witnessed a man putting his bag in an overhead bin at the front of the plane and then walking back to his seat in the back of the plane. When the people who were sitting in that row under his bag arrived, there was not room for their luggage and […]

Bless the Beast or Are They Children?

Dear Sky Steward, I was recently on a flight in which a mother had 3 children with her. She could barely control them and besides being loud, they created one of the biggest messes I have ever seen. There were snacks, papers, even Q-Tips thrown all over the floor. Is it right to treat the […]

To Speak or Not to Speak?

Dear Sky Steward: I normally do not wish to carry on long conversations with strangers sitting next to me when I am flying. Is that considered rude? Thanks, Mute in Michigan Dear M.M.: The Sky Steward understands how you feel, but he wants to give you some food for thought. Firstly, it is always impolite […]

Don’t Cross the Line!

Dear Sky Steward: On a recent flight from Dallas to Portland, I sat next to another gentleman. I fell asleep before we took off and when I woke up, his elbow was at least 2 1/2 inches into my seating area (he had crossed over the imaginary armrest line!) I ignored him and tried to […]

Cell Phone Chaos

Dear Sky Steward: While traveling from JFK to LAX recently, we were delayed on the ground. A woman behind me tapped me on the shoulder to let me know that I was talking “way too loud” on my cell phone.

Feet in the Air!

Dear Sky Steward: Please forgive me, but am I the only one that thinks that bare feet on an airplane is gross? Lately I have seen people placing their bare beet everywhere; on seat backs, bulkheads, even on my armrest as they sit in the row behind me. Is this correct Jetiquette? Signed, Grossed Out […]

In Flight Faux Pas! What do I do?

Dear Sky Steward: I often wish there was a non-confrontational way to let fellow passengers know that they are committing in-flight Faux Pas. I hate it when people seated behind me constantly pull on my seat as they get out into the aisle. What should I do?Signed, Disturbed from Detroit Dear Disturbed: The Sky Steward […]