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Laws of the Lavatory

The lavatory seems to be an area of the aircraft where a person’s true breeding is revealed. Proper Jetiquette calls for every person to leave the lavatory at least slightly better if not drastically better than they found it. Paper towels must make it into the trash receptacle and if they reach the floor they must be retrieved.

Jetiquette Tour: take a peek behind-the-scenes!

While our Jetiquette Tour does have a mission, it’s also going to be A LOT of work. Check back frequently.  I’ll be giving you the *real* dirt behind travel writing and our experiences during this exhaustive tour.  Not just the glamorous part, but the hard work and the long lines and the delayed flights and […]

Flight Crew Dirt #2: Hotel Newspaper Bandits

Would you like coffee, tea, your newspaper back? You never know – the polite flight attendant who just handed you the refreshing hot towel may have also been the bandit that swiped your USA Today at the hotel this morning. How do I know? I am reading a stolen copy right now! This is not […]

Manners on a plane? Winter weather tests flier Jetiquette

Do travel disruptions cause incivility? The rush of winter travel can really work your nerves right? Delays, cancellations and all kinds of uncertainty has been known to cause even the most civilized travelers go completely “neanderthal”. We’ve all heard reports of crowds of passengers having to be controlled by police at airport gates as agents […]

What’s Your Favorite Airport Spot?

In the past few years, many airports have been reinventing themselves by offering more spacious and “livable” environments that can make delays and missed flights literally fly by. More comfortable seating, shopping malls and tucked away cafes are popping up at airports all over the country

Smelly Passengers Foul Up Flights

Follow along as we review some of the various reasons why someone may “fly while smelly”: * Unaware of their body odor * Their 24 hour deodorant is in its 25th hour * Flatulence or “Sh-arting” (sometimes this develops as a result of eating airport food-court fare or buy-on-board snacks) * Incontinence (don’t confuse this with travel from one country to another–that’s intercontinental)

Ashy Feet Exposed

Dear Sky Steward, I was on a flight from Las Vegas to Charlotte and seated next to an obnoxiously loud couple. I won’t waste your time asking you whether or not their brag filled conversation was proper Jetiquette or not because I know the answer. What I do need help with is the fact that the wife had her pedicure starved, ashy feet propped up high on the seat-back of the forward row. As I watched the in-flight [...]

What About Crew Jetiquette?

Dear Sky Steward,

There are so many posts on your blog about things that passengers do to annoy other passengers. I want to make mention of the fact that I have experienced crew members that happen to be a little low on “Jetiquette”. Am I the only one?

Jetiquette on NBC Today

Jetiquette explained along with tips on summer travel and more! Have you even had someone on your plane take an entire overhead bin? Do you believe that everyone should clean up after themselves on the airplane? Gailen talks about Jetiquette plus some tips on preparing to make summer travel a breeze!

Pets on Planes: Jetiquette Travel Tips

  Dear Sky Steward, I am planning on traveling with my toy poodle in the next month and then periodically for the rest of the year. To be completely honest, I am a bit nervous about it. What do airlines charge for pets to travel and what are the policies? BTW, the last time I […]

“NO NAIL CLIPPING” — New York Artist Confronts Bad Manners on the MTA

by Margery Wilson Several Jetiquette members called our attention to the sign at left, located in a subway station at 14th Street and Eighth Avenue in New York City, disguised as an official Metropolitan Transportation Authority notice.  We can only exclaim “AMEN!” and wish the artist (Jason Shelowitz) would produce similar screen prints for the […]

Civilized Travelers are Making the “Jetiquette Pledge”

Jetiquette®…not just for private jets anymore As the summer travel season approaches; airports and airlines are preparing for packed terminals and planes as business and leisure travelers fill seats,  rub elbows and possibly lose patience. Tensions will undoubtedly run high, unless of course everyone decides to make the Jetiquette Pledge. Maybe you’ve heard of Oprah’s […]

March 31 — Pillow Talk: ‘Go Pillow’ for Travel with Baby, and GasBGon Cushions to “Clear the Air”

On our March 31 show we feature two innovative pillow products that make travel more comfortable. Sharron Huza joins us to talk about how she and her husband Jim designed the GasBGon flatulence cushions and other products that help people cope with this common problem. Passing gas (“farting”) is  the oldest form of humor. Jokes […]

Jetiquette at DFW Airport: Spa Life & Wine Flights

Got a 2 hour flight delay? How about 15 minutes? by Gailen David Making marvelous use of your time at the airport may improve the quality of your trip ten-fold. That is of course if you know what to do with your time. Remember, people watching gets old especially when you realize they’re all going […]

Close Your Legs in Center Seats!

With so many airlines like Virgin America, United, and JetBlue offering enhanced coach products that provide extra legroom, there is still the problem of BBS (Big Ball Syndrome) which causes many gentlemen to keep their legs spread wide apart. This causes major discomfort to the passengers on both sides of the BBS sufferer. It must be […]