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Jetiquette Tour: take a peek behind-the-scenes!

While our Jetiquette Tour does have a mission, it’s also going to be A LOT of work. Check back frequently.  I’ll be giving you the *real* dirt behind travel writing and our experiences during this exhaustive tour.  Not just the glamorous part, but the hard work and the long lines and the delayed flights and […]

Fly with us on our Jetiquette Tour!

We’ll be reporting LIVE from the skies, the road and the train tracks. Join Gailen and Carole as they trek across the country all in the name of Jetiquette. Of course, a bit of business will be thrown-in, too. You’ll be earning gifts the whole time! Plus, we’ll be reporting the best and worst examples […]

Luxury Living (by the week) in Santa Barbara!

I had the pleasure of living in gorgeous Santa Barbara, California…OK, it was only for few days. This area is hot in more ways than one as it was experiencing out-of-control wildfires at the time, but my visit went off without a hitch. Located about 1-1/2 hours from Los Angeles, I decided to drive up […]

Looking for a Dream Cruise? SeaDream Yacht Club!

I love to take cruises and my partner and I were looking for a Mediterranean cruise that was a bit on the exclusive side. Well, I found out about SeaDream Yacht Club. They’re based right here in my hometown of Miami, but offer luxury cruises all over the world. I decided to give them a […]

Luxury Stopover in London’s Milestone Hotel

My ‘Luxury Stopover’ at London’s Milestone Hotel is one of my all time favorites. As a guest of American Express, I stayed at the Milestone for 3 nights in the absolutely enchanting Regent Master Suite, room 308. There are only 57 guest rooms, plus six gorgeous longer-stay apartments and many of the accommodations have direct […]

How to Sightsee by Public Transport & Tripatini — the “Facebook” of travel

On this episode of Jetiquette Radio Gailen and Margery had the pleasure of  talking with three people who are working to make travel easier by sharing their information, and providing a place for travelers and travel experts to discuss what they love most: Travel. Dr. Michael Brein, the Travel Psychologist has created an incredible collection […]

British Airways: We’ve Got an App for That (OOPS!)

by Margery Wilson BA has an app that makes access to their website accessible to iPhones for road warriors who need up-to-the-minute information on all BA flight arrivals and departure times, customizable timetables, and the facility to book flights, manage itineraries and even check in on line and print out boarding passes while on the […]

Airport Workout Locations Via Airport Gyms

Finding a Fitness Center Near the Airport is a Cinch! by Gailen David A workout on a long airport layover seems like a good idea right? But where should  you go since a jog on the runway may delay your trip? We’ve been enjoying a website that makes it easy to find the closest airport […]

Travel Protection Kit

by Gailen David International health experts warn that the H1N1 virus is not done with us yet. Norovirus  (“stomach flu”) is a frequent travel woe.  And the good old “common cold” makes a home anywhere you go. Have you pondered whether you might be hit with an infectious illness,  suffer a serious laceration, or find […]

Pets on Planes: Jetiquette Travel Tips

  Dear Sky Steward, I am planning on traveling with my toy poodle in the next month and then periodically for the rest of the year. To be completely honest, I am a bit nervous about it. What do airlines charge for pets to travel and what are the policies? BTW, the last time I […]

A Guide to the Best Afternoon Tea in Boston

By Margery Wilson One of life’s most enjoyable – and affordable – luxuries is taking afternoon tea in a fine tearoom. Boston, the home of the fabled “Boston Tea Party” has remained home to some of the most avid tea lovers in the world.  (Throwing the tea overboard, please remember, was a protest against taxes, […]

March 31 — Pillow Talk: ‘Go Pillow’ for Travel with Baby, and GasBGon Cushions to “Clear the Air”

On our March 31 show we feature two innovative pillow products that make travel more comfortable. Sharron Huza joins us to talk about how she and her husband Jim designed the GasBGon flatulence cushions and other products that help people cope with this common problem. Passing gas (“farting”) is  the oldest form of humor. Jokes […]

Delta Steps Up Service in New York and Los Angeles

Delta Airlines’ Marine Air Terminal at LaGuardia Airport will now have three shuttle destinations being operated to Boston, Washington National and now Chicago O’Hare. The New York-Chicago flights will offer the convenience that the air shuttle has always been known for since the concept was engineered by the Eastern Airlines’ Air Shuttle in 1961. Passengers […]

Stressed About Flying? Take This Beverly Hills Therapist With You!

Are you one of the millions of people in the world (more than 25 million in the US alone) who have a fear of flying? We’ve all heard of courses that you can enroll in that can help get you to a better place mentally so that you can fly to a better place physically. These take a lot of time and the thought of shelling out the cash can bring out additional fears as well.

Bucks for Baggage and Buy-On-Board Bringing in Billions

Airlines are brining in billions from add-on fees. The airlines have no choice but to add on fees for checked luggage, snacks, etc.; especially since most customers select an airline based on the lowest fare. It seems like yesterday that many airline passengers complained about being charged for goods and services included in an airline ticket that they did not use. Well, be careful what you wish for. Now, you pay for what you do use :)

Video: Miss Universe Venezuela Returns to Flying!

You’ve heard of Pam Ann, but have you heard of Lucci? She’s Pam Ann’s flight attendant friend from below the Equator who is a former Miss Universe Venezuela, Television Talk Show Hostess (watch), and Mistress of many dictators of third world countries. Now, she’s back in the skies on Venezuela’s revived national carrier Viasa! She’ll […]

There’s Jetiquette on South Beach at The Hotel!

I had an enchanting afternoon at Wish on South Beach…flawlessly fabulous at The Hotel which is located at 8th and Collins. The “The Mad Hatter’s for Success Afternoon Tea” event put on by Dress For Success Miami; which prepares women and men to succeed. I still call it the Tiffany Hotel which it was called […]

Finally…A Virgin in Fort Lauderdale!

  Everyone knows that I absolutely adore Virgin America! They are coming to Fort Lauderdale on November 18th with 2 nonstops each way to both San Francisco and Los Angeles. Here are some photos from my last Virgin America flight. Click here to open the gallery. UPDATE: If you have not flown Virgin America, I […]

JFK AA Terminal Mural Now at Miami Airport

I was waiting on some friends to fly into Miami on Swiss International recently. Swiss and many other international airlines use the new J concourse at Miami International Airport. A Carybe mural that was located in the American Airlines terminal at JFK airport has landed at Miami Airport near the international arrivals area of concourse J. […]

Airline Loyalty Programs…Do they deserve your loyalty?

The Sky Steward sounds off about airline loyalty programs. Some friends gently broke the news to him that they were considering leaving the AAdvantage program and moving on to airlines that have provided them with better service. Did you know that the Sky Steward is still an active Purser for American? Yes, it’s true and […]