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The Hot Palomar Los Angeles Westwood

Take it from me; if you want the upscale, boutique hotel experience with a friendly touch; the Kimpton Palomar Westwood is for you. The restaurant, BLVD 16 was also excellent and although we dined outside of the hotel once during our stay; we never left after giving this restaurant a try.

Virgin America economy; most civilized

Flying Virgin America from Fort Lauderdale to Seattle with a connection at Los Angeles (LAX) was something I was only sort of looking forward to. I had flown Virgin previously in first class from Los Angeles to New York JFK and was concerned that flying them in economy might actually be painful. Luckily for everyone on board, including myself, there was nothing but pleasure in store for me on board my Virgin America A-320

Flights to Hamptons on New A-List Air Shuttle

Here is the plan. Fly first class into LaGuardia Airport, be whisked by a waiting car into Manhattan for an early martini lunch with a pal or two and then sashay on-board an ultra-cool, StndAir seaplane headed nonstop to the Hamptons. Yes, darling it’s that easy– at least it’s going to be when you fly with me!

Making a LOVE Connection at the Airport

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on the market, but I have not forgotten many of of the opportunities an airport terminal provides “to connect” in the romantic sense. I’ll even give you some tips to give you a competitive advantage in the airport dating game. First, you just have to believe an […]

Jetiquette Tour: take a peek behind-the-scenes!

While our Jetiquette Tour does have a mission, it’s also going to be A LOT of work. Check back frequently.  I’ll be giving you the *real* dirt behind travel writing and our experiences during this exhaustive tour.  Not just the glamorous part, but the hard work and the long lines and the delayed flights and […]

Treasure Hunting for First-Class Souvenirs

I. am. luxury. travel. However, I hate forking out tons of money for it. It’s like trash bags: you spend money on trash bags to throw them away. Hate that. One of the things I never spend money on are souvenirs. Rather, I secure free ones…and I’m not talking about the ones you pick up […]

American Eagle First Class

If you see an itinerary that has you flying on American Eagle, do a double take. You may be able to get a first class seat on that flight. Recently, they began rolling out first class on selected American Eagle flights. This was my first chance to fly first class  on American Eagle while traveling […]

Looking for a Dream Cruise? SeaDream Yacht Club!

I love to take cruises and my partner and I were looking for a Mediterranean cruise that was a bit on the exclusive side. Well, I found out about SeaDream Yacht Club. They’re based right here in my hometown of Miami, but offer luxury cruises all over the world. I decided to give them a […]

Luxury Stopover in London’s Milestone Hotel

My ‘Luxury Stopover’ at London’s Milestone Hotel is one of my all time favorites. As a guest of American Express, I stayed at the Milestone for 3 nights in the absolutely enchanting Regent Master Suite, room 308. There are only 57 guest rooms, plus six gorgeous longer-stay apartments and many of the accommodations have direct […]

Do Low Fare Airlines Offer First Class Comfort?

Comfort or Cash? Why not both! Have you ever shied away from low-fare airlines; unable to do without your legacy upgrade, legroom, and hot meal? If you must cut the fare, you can keep the comfort if you know who and how to choose and trade off some if the things you really can do […]

BA Luxury Service JFK to London City Airport

  There is a new luxury shortcut to London now that British Airways has launched their new service using A318 aircraft outfitted with 32 lie-flat beds and the latest inflight communication system OnAir. This system allows passengers to use their mobile phones and laptops to access the internet and send and receive email and text messages. The […]

Attitude, Wine, or My Imagination?

Dear Sky Steward, I was wondering why business class flights offer so much alcohol on board when it seems, to me and my husband at least, that the attendants get visibly tense whenever someone agrees to accept a drink. We save up for one or two big overseas trips in business a year, and we’re […]

The Devil Flies Business Class

Choosy fliers choose widebodies! I was the Purser between Miami and San Francisco and I was amazed at the number of passengers that commented how much they love the 767-300 on this route. All of the customers were great, although I was up to some of my old tricks as the plane climbed out of […]