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Luxury Living (by the week) in Santa Barbara!

I had the pleasure of living in gorgeous Santa Barbara, California…OK, it was only for few days. This area is hot in more ways than one as it was experiencing out-of-control wildfires at the time, but my visit went off without a hitch. Located about 1-1/2 hours from Los Angeles, I decided to drive up […]

Looking for a Dream Cruise? SeaDream Yacht Club!

I love to take cruises and my partner and I were looking for a Mediterranean cruise that was a bit on the exclusive side. Well, I found out about SeaDream Yacht Club. They’re based right here in my hometown of Miami, but offer luxury cruises all over the world. I decided to give them a […]

Luxury Stopover in London’s Milestone Hotel

My ‘Luxury Stopover’ at London’s Milestone Hotel is one of my all time favorites. As a guest of American Express, I stayed at the Milestone for 3 nights in the absolutely enchanting Regent Master Suite, room 308. There are only 57 guest rooms, plus six gorgeous longer-stay apartments and many of the accommodations have direct […]

BMI. Flying Chefs in the European Skies!

Lately it seems that the only airlines taking drastic steps to transform the in-flight experience into something extraordinary are in those based in the Middle East. Well, loosen up your seatbelt, because there is an airline based in the UK that is giving those of us who fly mostly in the west something to look […]