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Ignore the TSA…

Nowadays, airports are destinations in and of themselves. So, ignore the TSAs suggestion of arriving at the airport 90 minutes pre-flight. Arrive much earlier so you can enjoy all the amenities your airport has to offer. Added benefits of arriving this early are less stress and no rushing – two great ways to start any trip!

Delta Steps Up Service in New York and Los Angeles

Delta Airlines’ Marine Air Terminal at LaGuardia Airport will now have three shuttle destinations being operated to Boston, Washington National and now Chicago O’Hare. The New York-Chicago flights will offer the convenience that the air shuttle has always been known for since the concept was engineered by the Eastern Airlines’ Air Shuttle in 1961. Passengers […]

Airline Checked Luggage Fee Chart

How much do airlines charge for checked baggage? Bookmark this chart for future reference or to pass on to friends. Airline checked baggage fees are causing even those with nerves of steel to lose their composure. Sky Steward fliers now have a simple reference tool to make travel planning a little easier. There are also direct links […]

Furious Over Carry-On Baggage

Dear Sky Steward, I am surprised that I am writing you from my hotel room and not a jail because I am so angry about my flight today. I boarded my flight and stowed my bag in the overhead compartment and then, to be considerate to other customers, placed my personal item under the seat […]