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Spirit Airlines Hidden Fees Becoming Clear

Steven Frischling recently posted an article on his blog outlining the new Spirit Airlines fees for carry-on luggage. He did an excellent comparison that showed that the very idea of buying a ticket on this low-cost carrier can easily turn into a pretty expensive proposition. If you plan on flying on the cheap–you may actually […]

Do Low Fare Airlines Offer First Class Comfort?

Comfort or Cash? Why not both! Have you ever shied away from low-fare airlines; unable to do without your legacy upgrade, legroom, and hot meal? If you must cut the fare, you can keep the comfort if you know who and how to choose and trade off some if the things you really can do […]

Airline Checked Luggage Fee Chart

How much do airlines charge for checked baggage? Bookmark this chart for future reference or to pass on to friends. Airline checked baggage fees are causing even those with nerves of steel to lose their composure. Sky Steward fliers now have a simple reference tool to make travel planning a little easier. There are also direct links […]