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Bags fly free on Southwest, not crying babies

NOTE: See airline checked baggage fees The situation at Southwest Airlines in which a crying 2-year old boy created such a fuss that he got himself and his mother thrown off has me thinking. It seems that though extremely friendly and customer-centric, Southwest’s employees definitely take swift action when they reach their breaking point. There is nothing […]

Furious Over Carry-On Baggage

Dear Sky Steward, I am surprised that I am writing you from my hotel room and not a jail because I am so angry about my flight today. I boarded my flight and stowed my bag in the overhead compartment and then, to be considerate to other customers, placed my personal item under the seat […]

Turning My Phone to Airplane Mode or Off on the Airplane

One of the biggest issues that I hear about from readers of  Dear Sky Steward and from airline crew on is the electronic device policy debate between passengers and flight attendants. On a recent flight from San Francisco to Miami one of the flight attendants was given a lecture by a passenger about just what airplane mode is. The passenger […]

Luxury Travel Blankets

Has that airline blanket you’re snuggling with been sleeping around? Is it time for you to travel with your own travel pillow and blanket? We’ve all seen many articles examining the scary condition of communal blankets and pillows being provided on airliners. Many airlines have reduced the number of flights which these are provisioned on, but […]

Close Your Legs in Center Seats!

With so many airlines like Virgin America, United, and JetBlue offering enhanced coach products that provide extra legroom, there is still the problem of BBS (Big Ball Syndrome) which causes many gentlemen to keep their legs spread wide apart. This causes major discomfort to the passengers on both sides of the BBS sufferer. It must be […]

Bucks for Baggage and Buy-On-Board Bringing in Billions

Airlines are brining in billions from add-on fees. The airlines have no choice but to add on fees for checked luggage, snacks, etc.; especially since most customers select an airline based on the lowest fare. It seems like yesterday that many airline passengers complained about being charged for goods and services included in an airline ticket that they did not use. Well, be careful what you wish for. Now, you pay for what you do use :)