ScrAAp the Fluff Job! It’s Not Too Late!

The new American Airlines livery has started to grow on me a little bit; sort of like a fungus fueled rash that I feel the need to scratch.

There are some attractive qualities in the new paint scheme just as Eric Estrada could still qualify as being “attractive”. If you’ll give me just a moment, I will tell you why it definitely has to go and why I hope Doug Parker is smart enough to understand this. When I say smart enough, I am giving him the benefit of the doubt because US Airways is not an airline I have actually “sought out” to fly mainly due to Mr. Parkers past judgement to do things like replace glasses with plastic in first class (an example of understanding the customer?) and his inability to fully complete his last merger between America West and US Airways that took place in 2004 (an example of just plain laziness and maybe a touch of greed since certain America West workers have continue to be paid less than the US Airways workers and vice-versa). The airlines still technically operate separately– but I digress.

The thought of things not finally turning around at this point at both American and US Airways as they combine is nothing less than macabre; but then again should we really expect more? Hope so!

I always have hope and would like nothing more than to see the new American Airlines be a huge success. Perhaps this merger will bring the best American Airlines yet. It really has to be the ultimate dream come true for Doug Parker to end up with American Airlines for God’s sake!

Why the New Paint-job Must Be Sand-blasted Away

Why was the decision made to completely dispose of such an iconic logo?

Back to the pAAint scheme. What kind of a person does away with a brand that has stood the test of time for almost a century just because he wants to leave his “mark”; and I am talking about Tom Horton. He might as well have just lifted his leg! It would be just as ludicrous for Coca Cola or McDonald’s or even Apple to trash their widely recognized logos. American’s AA and eagle trademarks should never have been retired— but instead updated. How about metallic grey or silver paint to start? 

How the new design ever got to the approval stage, I will never know! Oh, maybe I do know; by a megalomaniac like Tom Horton.

PRIVATE: Tom Horton’s diagnosis as provided by The Aluminum Lady

megalomania  (ˌmɛɡələʊˈmeɪnɪə) [Click for IPA pronunciation guide]

— n


a mental illness characterized by delusions of grandeur, power, wealth, etc


informal  a lust or craving for power

It’s Simply Not Effective Branding

Look what they did to my logo?

Even my iPhone has trouble with the new logo

The AA Logo used to stand out anywhere including on my iPhone but once I updated the American Airlines app and was unable to even find it, I realized just how common and hopeless the new logo really is.

The CEO of US Airways, Doug Parker, who will be taking over as CEOof the new American Airlines made a statement recently regarding the topic of American’s new look. ”We are so excited to be apart of American Airlines and the American brand, and there are a lot of decisions that are going to be made going forward,” Parker said, responding finally to a series of questions about the new branding.

I Need AA Shower

My gut feeling is that the new American will fly so much higher without any of ToHo’s baggage to weigh it down! Just as the London Townhouse hits the market; so should the designers of FutureBrand who were hired to create this soon to be shelved (if my predictions are correct) rebranding initiative. If I were Doug Parker, I would try to wash every last trace of Tom Horton down the drain quickly including the light grey paint and unoriginal design concept.

Tom Horton on 777-300 inaugural flight. Really? He is the most hated airline CEO in decades.

Tom Horton on 777-300 inaugural flight. Really? He is the most hated airline CEO in decades.




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