Pet Product Picks for the Plane

Tomorrow morning, Fergie and I will be off again to Los Angeles to film more Savvy Stews travel segments for Trivago! Normally, I am not even through the security checkpoint at the airport before someone asks me about how Fergie remains so calm as we travel. In case we have not met, I must inform you that Fergie does not make a peep as we travel. Very often, this intrigues people as even the person sitting right next to me on the airplane doesn’t realize that I have a small dog with me until we’re already on the ground at the destination airport.

Animal Airplane Anxiety?

Buy Rescue Remedy Pet at Nelsons

I started traveling with Fergie when she was a puppy. In fact, her first trip was only 2 weeks after I brought her home, so she looks at airplanes as just another day at the dog park. For this reason, fellow travelers have asked whether or not I’ve given her a tranquilizer. My answer is no and I don’t like the idea of giving an animal a tranquilizer for travel, but that is just me.

Rescue Remedy Pet by Bach- If Fergie did suffer from animal air-travel anxiety, I would use a natural product. Since I have used the human version of Rescue Remedy, I know it works. Administering it is very easy since you base the dosage on the level of anxiety being treated rather than the weight of the pet. Available from Nelsons

Keep your pet on your radar

Buy the TAGG Pet Tracking System at TAGG

The worst thing would be to have your pet lose its way in a strange city. Fortunately for owners, Tagg-The Pet Tracker is designed to provide ease of mind and keep track of pets in the event they become lost. A lightweight, water-resistant and purpose-built GPS pet tracking device, Taggclips directly onto an existing collar and uses GPS and wireless technology to help users track their pet’s whereabouts on-demand.

Once settled in to a hotel or vacation rental property, users can set a designated “Tagg Zone”-where the pet will be spending most of its time-and a text message or email will be sent alerting the owner each time his/her dog or cat leaves that specified zone.



Pet “Pick Up” Just Got Easier

The Fifth Paw <> is a new, patented product poised to revolutionize the way pet parents handle dog doody while they’re on a walk, especially in an unfamiliar area.

Makes walking your dog and cleaning up their little presents so easy! Order from The Fifth Paw

The Fifth Paw highlights:

- Allows for safer walks with your dog
- Easy for anyone in the family to use
- Stays clean and tangle free
- Keeps hands and pockets doody free
- Very affordable at only $14.99
- Newly patented in the United States; Canadian patent is pending
- Easy to assemble; just slide it on the leash and screw it together
- Small, lightweight, and easy to tuck away in a suitcase
- Powered by gravity, so no matter where you clip the doody bag, it
hangs from the leash properly
- Made in the USA

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