My AmAAzing Race Begins

I am officially launching my race for Executive Platinum Status on American Airlines. Yes, American…can you believe it? American is my official airline as I continue on the Savvy Stews Trivago Tour. Be sure to watch us on the “Better” TV Show in 160 cities and even the Hallmark Channel coming in September!

Well, now that I am not flying as a flight attendant it just so happens that I might enjoy being one of those ultra-frequent flyers we’ve all heard about. I know I don’t look like George Clooney, but I can’t have everything. I just want to fly! My tail may be sore from a lot of flying, but at least I’ll be due some perks right?

Fergie was ready to play at 1AM after we arrived at the hotel

Fergie was ready to play at 1AM after we arrived at the Renaissance. She wants Exec Plat too!

So here is a rundown of my first trip on my way to the 100K miles required to achieve Executive Platinum. Of course I may get there sooner when and if some of my fares qualify me for extra points….but for now, my rear end is expecting to be sitting in quite a few American Airlines seats on the way to 100,000 miles.

Miami to Atlanta: 737
Baggage Status: On-Time
Elite Mileage Balance: 9,459

My first leg took me to Atlanta and short stay at one of my favorite hotels, the Renaissance Concourse Hotel which overlooks the runways at ATL. Fergie and I had an amazing view and she even enjoyed steak and eggs for breakfast. No one at the hotel asked me about Fergie being with me which really makes things so much more pleasant for everyone— she is so harmless and trouble free there is no need to ask me any boring questions.

I got a great deal on the Renaissance through Trivago. Only $134 per weekend night including breakfast for two in the morning! 

Atlanta-Dallas Ft. Worth: 737
Baggage Status: Connecting

We arrived at the airport early so I could get some work done before my flight. I checked my luggage and then Fergie and I went to the Admirals Club to have a glass of Merlot (the did not have Malbec).


Here’s a little secret! I would encourage anyone that has a small business to join Business ExtrAA which rewards small business for their loyalty. Since I try to get everyone I work with to fly American, I figured it might be worth a try. Well, my Admirals Club membership was earned through the Business ExtrAA program just for flying as we normally would– not bad right? Hopefully, if I promise not to take any photos in the Admirals Club– they’ll let me keep enjoying it:)

We had a wonderful view of ATL operations from our room

We had a wonderful view of ATL operations from our room


On the flight to Dallas/Ft. Worth I ordered a red wine and when the flight attendant served me she mentioned she was sorry she had no Malbec:) For those of you that don’t know; this was code that she is a fan of Aluminum Lady! Isn’t that nice? Anyway the flight was fantastic…great food too. They served a new one for me, Sage Chicken with green beans and carrots and macaroni and cheese. I could have sworn I tasted truffle oil (I love truffle); could this really be happening on American Airlines domestic?

Dallas/Ft. Worth- San Francisco: 737
Baggage Status: On-Time
Elite Mileage Balance: 11,654

At DFW, I had enough time to stop into a baby changing room at DFW to try to get Fergie to pee-pee before getting on the next plane and she was on strike. I hate when she holds it like that because she is such a little thing. Anyway I could not wait forever so we had to board our flight.



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