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Jetiquette for travelers:
Often referred to as airplane manners, Jetiquette is about airborne etiquette and so much more. Interestingly, the airplane is a ideal place to measure the overall state of travel civility. Airplanes and airports are also ideal environments to address and adjust how we interact with other travelers and those who provide service to passengers.

Jetiquette for travel personnel:

Jetiquette also applies to the personnel who make the travel experience happen. Simply put, when travel personnel recognize the power they have to affect the travel experience of many and they use that power in the best way possible, they are demonstrating Jetiquette.

Jetiquette for travel brands and products:

The best way to ensure a pleasant experience is to travel with companies that focus on providing that very thing. There are many companies that have taken measures to make your travel experience extraordinary and they deserve our business.

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