About Gailen

Gailen David, The Sky Steward
Global Jetiquette® Ambassador 

Contact: gailen@skysteward.com

Gailen David, formed Sky Steward (www.dearskysteward.com) in 2007 after flying for over 20 years as a flight attendant for American Airlines. He leads a Jetiquette® Campaign to make air travel a more pleasant and civilized experience by spreading his message of more courteous travel and sharing his favorite travel practices, destinations, products and brands. He reaches over 20 million people each month in over 110 television markets in addition to his online blog network and social media audience. Watch his TV travel segments with SavvyStews.com partner Bobby Laurie on the nationally syndicated morning talkshow, Daytime, along with monthly appearances on regional and local television shows throughout the United States.

It all started when he became a travel agent at the age of 10 year old when he opened a travel agency in his suburban Washington, D.C. bedroom. He booked friends and business associates of his parents on flights near and far with a bias towards Eastern Airlines. The Eastern Airlines manager of public relations took notice and not only set up a tour of Eastern’s Washington National Airport facilities for Gailen and his friends; she arranged for an interview with Travel Weekly Magazine’s Fran Durbin. Gailen was featured in Travel Weekly and received VIP treatment from Eastern Airlines for years. It was really a dream come true!

Dear Sky Steward has become one of the fastest growing travel sites on the Internet. The site provides expert opinions regarding Jetiquette®, travel, customer service, the airline industry, airfares, in-flight service and airport-related topics.

The Sky Steward himself also serves as a resource for several national media outlets, including USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, NPR, Travel Weekly and Fox news. He regularly appears as both a guest and/or host of national and local television travel segments that offer travelers the best travel products, destinations and tips to better travel.

Gailen is also an expert in etiquette and protocol and is faculty member of the Protocol School of Washington. His flying career with American Airlines has spanned 23 years in which he served as a purser flight attendant as well as creating many training conferences, videos and recognition programs.

He serves as President of the Board of Directors of Dress for Success Miami




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