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Mick Jagger Gets Stalked On Transcontinental Airline Flight

What happens when a rock-n-roll legend somehow ends up slumming it like the rest of us on a commercial flight. Well, it depends on who else is on board.  In Mr. Jagger’s case– an inflight meltdown ensued— not involving the Rolling Stone himself, but a roving reporter seated in another cabin. It happened recently on […]

Laws of the Lavatory

The lavatory seems to be an area of the aircraft where a person’s true breeding is revealed. Proper Jetiquette calls for every person to leave the lavatory at least slightly better if not drastically better than they found it. Paper towels must make it into the trash receptacle and if they reach the floor they must be retrieved.

Ashy Feet Exposed

Dear Sky Steward, I was on a flight from Las Vegas to Charlotte and seated next to an obnoxiously loud couple. I won’t waste your time asking you whether or not their brag filled conversation was proper Jetiquette or not because I know the answer. What I do need help with is the fact that the wife had her pedicure starved, ashy feet propped up high on the seat-back of the forward row. As I watched the in-flight [...]

Jetiquette on NBC Today

E MAIL THIS POST Jetiquette explained along with tips on summer travel and more! Have you even had someone on your plane take an entire overhead bin? Do you believe that everyone should clean up after themselves on the airplane? Gailen talks about Jetiquette plus some tips on preparing to make summer travel a breeze!

Jetiquette Carry-On Luggage Faux Pas

E MAIL THIS POST When was the last time you boarded a plane and had an empty, hungry overhead compartment just waiting to swallow your roll-aboard? Can’t remember? Have you been hit by other passengers passing by with over-sized backpacks that are also slamming into the shoulders and heads of everyone else that has already […]

Please Review the Jetiquette Briefing Card in Your Seatback Pocket

E MAIL THIS POST“Ladies and Gentlemen, please direct your attention to the flight attendants as they demonstrate proper travel manners or as we like to call it, Jetiquette, on today’s flight.” Dear Sky Steward, Thank you so much for your work to improve the civility displayed by passengers and crew to one another on airline flights […]

Close Your Legs in Center Seats!

E MAIL THIS POSTWith so many airlines like Virgin America, United, and JetBlue offering enhanced coach products that provide extra legroom, there is still the problem of BBS (Big Ball Syndrome) which causes many gentlemen to keep their legs spread wide apart. This causes major discomfort to the passengers on both sides of the BBS sufferer. […]