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Episode 8 Review: Pan Am’s Dark Night.

It’s fitting that Pan Am centers around a hurricane this week as the show seems to pick up speed. The first fifteen minutes read like a 70′s disaster film and I couldn’t be more thrilled. It’s exactly the white knuckled over the top excitement I was hoping for as the crew is forced to make an emergency landing in a closed airport because one of the passengers who is making his first flight is having a heart attack.

Actually Learning to fly!

Flying in an airplane – being pilot-in-command in the left seat or first officer in the right seat, to me has to be the absolute best job in the world. Commanding an aircraft through the skies, looking down on earth from above, seeing the world from a bird’s eye view – nothing could be more magnificent.

Kimpton’s Vintage Plaza Portland

This fabulous luxury boutique hotel is bursting with personality from the newly-renovated rooms to the warm, cozy public spaces to the charming, attractive staff. Oh, and let’s not forget one of the main reasons we chose Vintage Plaza: it’s pet-friendly. We’re talking VERY pet friendly!

Ignore the TSA…

Nowadays, airports are destinations in and of themselves. So, ignore the TSAs suggestion of arriving at the airport 90 minutes pre-flight. Arrive much earlier so you can enjoy all the amenities your airport has to offer. Added benefits of arriving this early are less stress and no rushing – two great ways to start any trip!

Extreme Resort Makeover! Chic, Stylish Wyndham Deerfield Beach Resort

It was a privilege for Gailen and me to attend the grand opening celebration of Deerfield Beach, Florida’s newest ocean-front resort, Wyndham Deerfield Beach Resort.  As an added benefit, we enjoyed an overnight stay at this chic, stylish, comfy resort and I was able to experience and appreciate first-hand the attention-to-detail with which all spaces of this hotel were designed.

Jetiquette Tour Photo Gallery: NYC

Yesterday in New York City was freezing cold.  In fact, I think I was the only one in NYC without a coat on.  Didn’t help that I’d left mine behind in Seattle the day before.  However, we had a blast walking around and enjoying everything the city had to offer. As you can tell by […]

Jetiquette Tour Photo Gallery: Spring in Seattle

Just a few shots of our time in gorgeous Seattle, Washington. The weather was amazingly beautiful, spring was visible around every corner, and The Sky Steward dragged me all over the waterfront looking for just the right restaurant for lunch.  All. over. the. waterfront.  :) Click here to open the gallery.

How to find the cheapest hotel rates

Expedia isn’t always the answer… As a travel writer, I stay in a lot of hotels. And, contrary to popular belief, they’re not always comped.  I’m fine with that because it means I don’t feel obligated to write positively about the hotel if there are aspects of it that don’t meet my standards. With that […]

Inflight Disaster Averted Over Japan During Earthquake

I received this email from a pilot friend.  It describes a pilot’s experience flying over Japan during the recent devastating earth quake.  A special thank-you to the unknown pilot who shared his experience. I’m currently still in one piece, writing from my room in the Narita crew hotel. It’s 8am. This is my inaugural trans-pacific trip […]

Jetiquette Tour: take a peek behind-the-scenes!

While our Jetiquette Tour does have a mission, it’s also going to be A LOT of work. Check back frequently.  I’ll be giving you the *real* dirt behind travel writing and our experiences during this exhaustive tour.  Not just the glamorous part, but the hard work and the long lines and the delayed flights and […]

Fly with us on our Jetiquette Tour!

We’ll be reporting LIVE from the skies, the road and the train tracks. Join Gailen and Carole as they trek across the country all in the name of Jetiquette. Of course, a bit of business will be thrown-in, too. You’ll be earning gifts the whole time! Plus, we’ll be reporting the best and worst examples […]

Starbucks VIA Ready Brew – A Travel Requirement

This is not your Dad’s instant coffee of days gone by. Boarding pass. Pan Am-covered Passport. Starbucks VIA Ready Brew (Italian Roast, thank you). Those are the only three items I need for a successful trip – business or vacation. Well, I guess a packed carry-on would be beneficial, too. I can’t tell you the […]

Flight Crew Dirt #6: “Oh, Miss…”

It is time for another installment of flight attendant & pilot dirt. Robin, our very own flight attendant, is retired from service.  Her husband, Berry, a retired pilot, also chimes in with antics that will leave you laughing. What, exactly, do those uniformed folks do on the plane…well, beyond what you see? Remember, read this […]

Airports Made Easy for New and Infrequent Fliers

Many Sky Steward readers fly frequently, so the whole airport gig is second nature to them. Today, on my way home from a week of working with The Sky Steward, it occurred to me that not everyone is as knowledgeable about the airport shtick as frequent fliers are. Non-frequent fliers should be able to easily […]

Five Walt Disney World Restaurants You Must Try

Walt Disney World?  On The Jet List?  You bet!  As a mother of three, I’ve had my share of luxury trips to Walt Disney World.  In fact, I’ve been there so many times that I can navigate the entire area blindfolded. With so many visits under my belt, I’ve definitely developed not only a great […]

Top Three Luxury Adult Spring Break Destinations

Why should college kids have all the fun???  Check-out these Jet List destinations! Spring Break isn’t just for kids.  Trust us.   These destinations will warm you up and completely eliminate your stress. SeaDream Yacht Club By far, our favorite cruise line is SeaDream Yacht Club.  Only 112 passengers are spoiled and pampered by 95 […]

12 Small Travel Must-Haves

As one who flies frequently, there are certain things I ALWAYS travel with.  These items are essential to not only my carry-on bag, but also to my comfort away from home.  Plus, they make unexpected delays a bit easier. Antibacterial wipes. Be sure the germy plane surfaces and hotel room hot spots make your list […]