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My AmAAzing Race Begins

I am officially launching my race for Executive Platinum Status on American Airlines. Yes, American…can you believe it? Well, now that I am not flying as a flight attendant it just so happens that I might enjoy being one of those ultra-frequent flyers we’ve all heard about. I know I don’t look like George Clooney, but I can’t have everything. I just want to fly!

ScrAAp the Fluff Job! It’s Not Too Late!

The new American Airlines livery has started to grow on me a little bit; sort of like a fungus fueled rash that I feel the need to scratch. There are some attractive qualities in the new paint scheme, but if you’ll give me just a moment, I will tell you why it definitely has to go and why I believe Doug Parker is smart enough to understand this.

Why Alaska Must Keep Its DistAAnce

Things just run differently at Alaska Airlines, in a good way, have you noticed? They demonstrated how tuned in they are with what customers appreciate and expect by rolling out wifi fleet-wide before some other mAAjor airlines even knew what wifi was.

Friday at DelanoSoBe

It was 87 degrees and about 150% humidity even at 11 o’clock at night– so by the time I made it to the bar, I needed something cold and I needed it fast! Midori’s spokesperson, Kim Kardashian was on the microphone from the DJ booth welcoming everyone to the event and encouraged everyone to try a Midori cocktail. I ordered the Midori “Beach Ball”

Pan Am in Atlanta

Finally back in Miami from The Atlanta Gift Show and preparing for Los Angeles and Portland this weekend. I am looking forward to meeting Kim Kardashian on Friday night. I hope her mother Chris Jenner will be there too!

Daily Jetiquette Faux Pas July 7th 2012

Today I was shocked to receive these photos from a passengers seated next to an absolute slob on a 5 hour flight. Has this happened to you? Anyone with good Jetiquette knows that making a mess in an environment shared with others is an especially heinous faux pas.

The Airways Cruise January 2013

The Jetiquette® Tour is in full swing and I am concentrating on all the places I’ll be visiting soon as the Global Jetiquette Ambassadorto promote all things that make traveling easier and more civilized for everyone. Of course I will be looking for faux pas along the way as well! #cruises #aviation

How to Get Elite Treatment on Your Next Flight

By printing out your own Aluminum Global Passport for each leg of your trip. Then simply let your crew members know that you’ve got Aluminum status. Aluminum started at American Airlines but is rolling out on additional airlines each and every day and let’s crew members know that you are special.

American Airlines Files Lawsuit Against The Sky Steward

American Airlines has just filed a lawsuit against The Sky Steward for his videos, website and other internet properties that have uncovered the activities of the company’s executives including their practice of moving first class passengers to coach in order to provide them a seat in the front. American’s lawsuit accuses the Gailen David, The Sky Steward of everything from violating the American Airlines trademark to using the company’s information systems to access passenger information.