A Guide to the Best Afternoon Tea in Boston

Tea at Taj, photo by Hana and Tom from "The Boston Teacup"

By Margery Wilson

One of life’s most enjoyable – and affordable – luxuries is taking afternoon tea in a fine tearoom. Boston, the home of the fabled “Boston Tea Party” has remained home to some of the most avid tea lovers in the world.  (Throwing the tea overboard, please remember, was a protest against taxes, not a tantrum over tea itself.)

The Boston Teacup was a blog started in 2007 by two friends, Hana and Tom, who met online and decided to set out on a quest to discover the best afternoon tea experience in Boston.  Their reviews are comprehensive, and the blog has a wealth of information for anyone wanting to find a fine afternoon tea, a good bakery, and other listings of things that will elevate everyday life above the ordinary.

Hana and Tom authors of Boston Teacup

As the saying goes “all good things come to an end,” and the outstanding blog Hana and Tom wrote is no longer being updated.  However, the blog remains, and the information is of interest to those who would like to follow the trail blazed by the intrepid tearoom explorers and their friends. And, it goes without saying that if a reader would like to take up the quest where Hana and Tom left off, in Boston or anywhere else on the planet, we here at Skysteward would love to hear from you!

When the blog entries were complete last year,  their highest ranking was awarded to the Taj Hotel, formerly known as the Ritz Carlton. Housed in an historic 1927 building at the corner of Arlington and Newbury streets near the Public Gardens, the hotel is one of those places prime for people watching.  To see the current menu for the Lounge at the Taj click HERE.

Tom and Hana wrote:

The Boston Teacup is intended to help both locals and visitors to Boston find out more about the historical link between the city and tea, and where to go to get the best of this wonderful drink. We believe that Boston should be The Tea Capital of America – it has the history, many places to get elegant afternoon teas and a plethora of traditional and bubble tea shops and suppliers.

Each of their ratings has comments from other tea lovers, some who disagree with the rankings and others who go on to suggest their own favorites. There is much to be gleaned from this blog. Enjoy!

Five of the afternoon teas stood out way beyond the others and would be our recommendations to everyone.
* The Taj Lounge for five star luxury
* L’Espalier for culinary majesty
* The Athenaeum for time-travel experimentation
* Upstairs On The Square for funky originality
* The Boston Harbor Hotel for sun-drenched relaxation



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